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Tim Bogaczyk Insurance

Protecting Futures


I  have over 35 years of insurance experience helping clients prepare for the unknown. Ask me about:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance
  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Annuities, Indexed and Fixed

Todays financial products can meet multiple needs. Riders and enhancements are allowing consumers to 

meet their financial desires in a more cost effective way.

Assessing Your Needs


I have worked with many families, businesses, and individuals. Insurance is to provide money when you need it the most. Life happens. If you have someone you care about and want to take care of them in the event of an accident or sickness I can help. Businesses have obligations that need to meet. Insurance has a role.  l analyze your insurance needs and get you covered quickly at the right price. When people are able to work and bring home a paycheck they can somehow make it through. When the inability to make a living occurs, help is required. 

Let's talk about your needs today.

Building Relationships


Trust is required for a good working relationship. I go the extra mile and always put my client's needs first. Your goals are the desired outcome. Sometimes there are several ways to get there.  A complete discussion is required to find the right path for you. Everyone has different insurance, and saving needs. Call us today for a personalized business or individual assessment and find out how we can help protect your hard-won assets.

Life Insurance in Wellsboro, Annuities in Wellsboro, Annuities in Mansfield

My Background


Tim Bogaczyk

Insurance has been a part of my life since my honorable discharge from the US Air Force. Meeting the needs of my clients gives me great satisfaction.  It is important to me to always  provide the best service possible.

From selling door to door to opening an independent insurance office, and working with many companies, I have seen transformations take place. Todays products are more flexible and stronger, however, they are not a one size fits all. My experience allows me to help my clients make the decisions that are right for them .

The past 35 years have taught me there are no short cuts. Although we cannot see the future, history provides us with the knowledge to make the best decisions today fullfiling, our tomorrows. 


Information you can use

Life Insurance Can

  • Create an instant estate
  • Provide emergency funds. To your survivors or to you. Todays policies can pay out funds if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. Protect your assets by providing funds to pay for long term care.
  • Provide retirement funds.

Disabilty Insurance

Long term disabilities have been described as a living death. You can lose everything and have to rely on friends and family or the government. The lose of your ability to remain a productive human being can cause many hardships. Protect yourself today and have piece of mind if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation.


  • Provide an income you cannot outlive.
  • Have beneficiaries. ( bypass probate)
  • Provide tax deferred accumulation.
  • Can have fixed returns, Variable returns, be tied to an index. 

Business Life Insurance

  • Pays off debt.
  • Protects key employees.
  • Provides buyout funds.
  • Is an important business planning tool. 

IRAs / Pension Plans

A well funded retirement account is what we owe ourselves for tomorrow. You can have both an IRA and a Pension plan. If your employer matches any contribution make sure you are taking advantage of it.

When you retire roll your pension into your own account .

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